January 1, 2013

You know what? No resolutions for this year. Let’s all just be happy and healthy.

steak dinner

November 27, 2011

grass-fed steak from borough with kale, bacon and button mushrooms



tower bridge

November 25, 2011

My office is 200 yards away


October/November 2012

November 19, 2011

Nice/Cannes/Monte Carlo







majorca, september 9 – 12

September 19, 2011

No words required.

norway, august 18 – 22

September 19, 2011

View from Lillehammer (site of the Olympic ski jump competition and home of Norway’s excellent Olympic museum)


May 17, 2011


morocco, january 23 – 28th, 2011

February 7, 2011

morocco tips:

– head to the mountains. we only spent a few hours there at the tail-end of our trip, but the peace and (relative) quiet made me wish i could have stayed longer. (wear the right footwear,  because you’ll end up taking a hike to see the waterfalls!)

– stay at the palais des princesses riad in old town marrakech. although i suspect the staff made off with my phone, i really can’t say enough about this place. it is so beautiful and an absolute bargain (we paid between €60-70 a night.)

– make a trek to casablanca to see the hassan II mosque. (that’s it in the second picture from the top.) casa isn’t much of a tourist town, but the mosque makes it a worthwhile side trip from rabat or marrakech.

– visit the jardin majorelle. it was beautiful, and i’m convinced that (like paris) you can not take a bad photograph there. warning: again, like paris, this place is full of french people!

best buy

December 11, 2010

november update

November 29, 2010

a week after our amsterdam trip, c. came to visit the big smoke. it was a busy 48 hours:

  • breakfast at home (scones, yoghurt and tea)
  • lunch immediately following (tray baked salmon)
  • gelato before dinner
  • sushi at taro (my third time there…)
  • dim sum at royal china queensway (the suckling pig was particularly nice)
  • shopping at everybody’s favourite cheap-o shop, primark
  • yum cha at leong’s legend in chinatown
  • cake (and cupcakes to go) at the hummingbird bakery (aka the infamous “baskery”
  • pizza
  • midnight shopping trip at tesco’s

pictures are up on facebook.

i became ill immediately following (actually during) our pizza dinner but it had nothing to do with eating so much in such a short period of time, i swear. after two days of rest i was feeling okay, which was good because we left for ICELAND on wednesday. photos will follow.

yesterday we went to the imperial war museum to see the “ministry of food” exhibit which i thought was very well curated and lots of fun. (also there are tanks and cannons there, so, um, of course it’s fun.) a highlight was watching some of the “food flashes” that the ministry of food produced during world war two:

i found a new song to obsess over (and potentially a new accent to imitate.) please note: here i used the awesome youtube trick i learned from jason howell. (skip ahead in any video by adding #t=1m10s).

only one more weekend in the uk and then it’s back to canada for the holidays!