morocco, january 23 – 28th, 2011

February 7, 2011

morocco tips:

– head to the mountains. we only spent a few hours there at the tail-end of our trip, but the peace and (relative) quiet made me wish i could have stayed longer. (wear the right footwear,  because you’ll end up taking a hike to see the waterfalls!)

– stay at the palais des princesses riad in old town marrakech. although i suspect the staff made off with my phone, i really can’t say enough about this place. it is so beautiful and an absolute bargain (we paid between €60-70 a night.)

– make a trek to casablanca to see the hassan II mosque. (that’s it in the second picture from the top.) casa isn’t much of a tourist town, but the mosque makes it a worthwhile side trip from rabat or marrakech.

– visit the jardin majorelle. it was beautiful, and i’m convinced that (like paris) you can not take a bad photograph there. warning: again, like paris, this place is full of french people!

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