amsterdam food (+ other stuff) update #2

November 12, 2010

my first meal in amsterdam was at a forgettable pancake restaurant in the red light district. (hunger makes you do funny things.) the dutch seem to like letting cats roam around their restaurants, a fact i find really disturbing.

immediately after breakfast we landed at cafe versailles to use their wi-fi.

on sunday morning we had more pancakes and a french breakfast, respectively:

later on that afternoon (after visiting the van gogh museum) we had a little snack at a very posh cafe next to louis vuitton. the appeltaart was shockingly naked – no whipped cream! that’s a big no-no as far as christina and i are concerned. the hot chocolate was nice though!



amsterdam food update #1

November 12, 2010

purimas (indonesian)

i am proud to say my girl CL and i KILLED this meal, all 9 courses of it. we saw other diners fall by the wayside (we were there for two and a half hours) but she and i persevered, and enjoyed every bite. the soy-braised pork was a standout.

cafe winkel

the BEST afternoon treat imaginable: appeltaart met slagroom (apple pie with whipped cream) and hot cocoa. if you are ever in amsterdam you MUST come here. they have a regular food menu as well but believe me – if you’re hungry just order two pieces of pie.

saracens vs chiefs – vicarage road, watford

November 5, 2010

my poor sarries lost.

gavin’s coming. can’t decide if it’s good or bad for the team…


london food update #2

October 29, 2010

peppermint aero shake cravings assuaged. this is the good stuff. (though i would like the option to add creme de menthe…)

i went to this place TWICE in the span of four days. the bacon cheeseburger is really, really delicious – and the fries (NOT CHIPS!) are nice as well. avoid the monte cristo sandwich. (perhaps that’s just good advice in general.)

  • taro – brewer street

on my first visit i had the char siu ramen which was decent although the broth was not as flavourful as i would have liked and the noodles could have been more tender. my second visit saw me having prawn tempura (rare for me) which was absolutely fantastic. also, the tuna at this place is top notch.

peanut butter cookies. ’nuff said.

pleasant enough red velvet cupcakes

  • my old dutch – holborn

quite simply the biggest crepe i’ve ever seen. i really hope they have a place like this in amsterdam. šŸ™‚


“american cupcakes and cakes in london.”Ā  one of the best red velvet cupcakes i’ve ever had (and i’ve had a lot.)

liberty of london

October 25, 2010

i’m moving in. this store has an entire floor dedicated to arts and crafts materials, quilting fabrics, rowan yarn, and buttons. it’s like christmas, my birthday, and september’s vogue all rolled in to one!

this is the fabric i want. at a mere 20 quid per metre i can afford a scrap about the size of a postcard.

imli + back to the future – london

October 4, 2010

imli is an indian tapas restaurant with really delicious food – food that made me happy! food like: stuffed paneer, daal with naan, lamb biryani and honey duck with tamarindo.

after dinner i saw the 25th anniversary edition of back to the future (it was amazing, as usual) at the empireĀ cinemas. i’ve never seen such an enormous theatre before, it was just gigantic. theĀ audience was full of geeks who cheered and laughed and clapped at all the best moments.

chinatown was not too far away:

wilma irene lemcke (shaw), 1921 – 2009

October 2, 2010

easily the wittiest and funniest woman i’ve ever known.

love you grandma, always

london food update #1

September 30, 2010

bodeans bbq (soho)

i took a photo of my “burnt ends” plate but it was so dark in the restaurant that the picture basically looks disgusting. take my word for it though, this place is pretty good. not stockyards good, but good. will go back one day for the pulled pork plate.

english breakfast tea

i wrote out a rant that was approximately 3750 words long so i’ll actually post this separately. there will be a diagram. and many pictures.

yoghurt / yogurt

this is my favourite yog(h)urt, the tesco finest brand. it’s so delicious, and i recently found out why. it’s not so much yog(h)urt but moreso a container full of whipping cream. YUM. lemon curd is the best but wild canadian blueberry is, in my mind, healthy and wholesome.

tesco swiss choquette biscuits

meringues covered in chocolate. superb.

221b baker street – london

September 29, 2010

On Sunday I went to see the home of Sherlock Holmes!

And on Monday and Tuesday I watched him in this great show!

nice packaging, horrible food

September 22, 2010

this “dim sum” was predictably bad but it cured me of my dumpling craving. hopefully, i’ll have legitimate dim sum soon. (i do like the tiny soy sauce bottle though.)